Skincare Treatments 


You'll be delighted to know that all Skincare Treatments are expertly tailored following a detailed consultation & skin analysis to ensure you're having the most beneficial treatment. You will also receive a complimentary treatment plan & skincare recommendations at the end of each appointment to keep you on track to your glowing goals. 

Tailored Touch by Emily Jane 


60 mins 

A bespoke combination of Medik8’s amazing cosmeceutical skincare products, containing the highest grade skin essentials of Peptides, Vitamins A,C,E, AHAs/BHA & Hylauronic Acid. Combining this with expert intuition & touch will leave you & your skin feeling refreshed, relaxed & radiant.

Deep Hydration £75           Pore Refining £75

Balancing £75                   Radiance £75

Redness Calming £75

Tailored Tech

by Emily Jane


60 mins 

Working at an even deeper level of the skin by combining the latest innovative technology with the highest grade Medik8 cosmeceuitical skincare products & expert intuition & touch. The Ultimate skin boost for complete rejuvenation & incredible results.

Technologies include; Ultrasonic Cleansing, Led Light Therapy, Refining High Frequency. 

Deep Hydration £80           Pore Refining £80

Age Defying £80                Radiance £80

Acne Fighting £80              Redness Calming £80

Balancing £80 

Premium Peels

by Emily Jane 

60 mins 

Whether you're new to treatment peels or experienced and looking for more intensive results; there is the perfect peel for everyone. Using Medik8's outstanding Medical Grade formulations of varying strengths combined with expert skin knowledge & experience; to gently remove dead dull skin & reveal a more vibrant complexion. This clinical treatment will boost skin health whilst combatting a wide range of stubborn skin concerns within the deepest layers. Finishing off with award winning LED Light Therapy, ideal to soothe, rejuvenate & increase collagen production; you'll be amazed by the radiant results. 

Enzyme Starter Peel £80 

Light Peel £85 (not suitable for first time clients) 

Medium Peel £95 (not suitable for first time clients) 

Deep Peel £110 (not suitable for first time clients)        

Micro-Needling & LED Light Therapy







Face & Neck 75mins 

Micro-Needling Pen is one of the most popular non-surgical treatments for improving skin tone & texture, scarring & treating the first signs of premature ageing. Sterile needles on the MicroPen are used to create micro-channels in the deeper layers of the skin to enhance product absorption. The tiny punctures in the skin act as a trauma signal to stimulate new collagen & elastin & kick starts a natural repair process helping to improve hydration, plumpness & skin nutrients for an instant tightening & glow. 

*Redness will be present for around 24hrs post treatment

*Make-up should not be worn for 24hrs post treatment. 

Micro-Needling Pen Face  & LED Light Therapy £100 

Includes Consultation, Double cleanse, Numbing Application, Tailored Serum Choice, Micro-Needling Full Face (Neck not Included) & LED Light Therapy

Micro-Needling Pen Face & Neck  & LED Light Therapy £115 

Includes Consultation, Double cleanse, Numbing Application, Tailored Serum Choice, Micro-Needling Full Face & Neck & LED Light Therapy.