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Does microblading or ombre brows hurt? 

Semi - Permanent make-up can be a little uncomfortable at times but a topical anaesthetic cream can be applied prior to treatment. Mostly it feels a little scratchy & stingy, but it all depends on how sensitive you are. Sensitivity is increased if you're feeling a bit under the weather or during menstruation, so best to avoid having the treatment at this time where possible. 

Is semi-permanent makeup the same as tattooing?

Semi - Permanent make-up uses either a hand held tool (microblading) or machine (ombre brows) to implement pigment into the skin at the more superficial layers. It can last anything from 6-24 months depending on skin type and aftercare hence the term 'semi permanent'. Tattooing uses a machine to penetrate the deepest layers of skin meaning it will last decades. 

How do I know which skincare treatment to book?

All skincare treatments start with a detailed consultation to ensure you're having the most suitable treatment, so not to worry if you're uncertain whether the treatment you've booked is right for your skin concerns. You'll also receive a complimentary treatment plan & skincare recommendations at the end of every treatment.

How often should I have skincare treatments?

Your skin cells renew during every 4-6 weeks (this process lengthens with age) so a skincare treatment every 4-6 weeks is ideal, especially when targeting specific skin concerns. For best results it's important you have a solid daily skincare regime at home. After every appointment you'll receive a tailored treatment plan & skincare recommendations, on constant review, to keep you and your skin on the right track to your glowing goals. 

Can I still have treatments if I'm pregnant or breast feeding?

Semi - Permanent make-up is not advised when pregnant or breast feeding. Most skin care treatments are safe to have in all trimesters and when breast feeding, you'll be advised during consultation if there are any ingredients or technologies that should be avoided. 

 Is there any down time with semi-permanent brows? 

Immediately after treatment the area may be a little red depending on your skin type, this will go down within an hour or so. There are also a few do's and don'ts during the first couple of weeks following treatment to get the best healed results. You can download the pre and post treatment information sheet below for more details and a description of what to expect post treatment.  

I've had semi-permanent makeup before, can you do correctional work?  

Yes, in some cases cover ups/re-touches can be done. However each case is unique and depends on many different factors such as how old the previous pigment is, how faded it is, what pigments were used previously & the condition of the skin in that area. The best thing to do is book in for a complimentary consultation and we can discuss your options together. 

When should I have my annual top up for semi-permanent brows? 

It's completely personal preference when you feel they need a top up, an annual top up helps keep the shape, definition & the pigment looking fresh. Most clients return between 6-12months. Any longer than 12 months; then an initial treatment may be required again.

What happens at my top up appointment?

First I'll assess the healed results and we'll discuss how you feel in terms of the shape & colour etc, only areas where pigment has been lost or faded need to be worked on again not areas that have healed well. You should allow between 1.5-2 hours for your top up appointment. The healing process is the same as your previous treatment. 

Pre & Post Treatment Information

for Semi - Permanent Brow Treatments

Consultation & Consent form for Semi - Permanent Brow Treatments

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